How to Donate a Car in California


There are several steps you must do related to how to donate a car in California. Read the step below and do the donation right away.

Find a Trusted Car Donation Service

The first thing to do is finding a trusted online car donation website or service. You may choose to donate to the services which included on the IRS non profit organization. Then, complete the online form or call the charity customer service.

Read the Complete Information

By the time your request to donate a car is approved, the car donation service will send the complete procedure. The information is including the detail of receiving tax receipt. The tax receipt is various and it depends on the service.

Prepare the Car Completely

Just make sure that the car is ready for pickup by the time you finish the process. You don’t have to remove the license plate because the car has to donate a complete car in California.

Complete a Release of Liability

It is also a must for you to complete a Release of Liability with the California Department of Motor Vehicles. The reason to complete the liability is to handle future liability after you donate the car. When you are completing the Release of Liability, just return the pink portion of the title or known as DMV form REG 138 to Department of Motor Vehicles close to your living area. This is how to donate a car in California which might be different to the other areas.

Learn about Car Donation Tax Deduction
You also need to learn about car donation tax deduction so you can donate your car faster and well. The key is donating the car before the deadline time so you can claim the tax deduction. That’s why you have to finish the process far away before the deadline time.

Those steps are the answer of how to donate car in California. The steps are simple to do as long as you follow them carefully. The most important, you can finally make your life meaningful by donating the car.

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